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Welcome to the Atari Computing Magazine Tribute Page

After the last UK commerical Atari magazine closed a group of Atarians formed the Atari Computing Group to publish an Atari magazine in an effort to help keep the UK Atari scence active - and we did for several years.

Atari Computing was produced entirely by Atari enthusiasts for Atari enthusiasts with very little or no financial reward. The magazine was only possible because of their efforts and we would like to thank you all and wish you every success in the future.


This website will finally go offline after October 2015 (when the domain expires) but we do have an Atari Computing page on Facebook where you can share your Atari computing memories and photos from our Atari Computing Conventions (ACCs).

Atari Computing Magazines 1996 - 1999

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AC15 Contents

AC14 Contents

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AC11 Contents

AC10 Contents

AC09 Contents

AC08 Contents

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Atari Computing Millennium Time Capsule CD

To celebrate the Millenium we released a CD containing al the Atari Computing Reader Disks and articles every printed in HMTL or ASCII format. It also contained extra reviews, software and features which were never included in the printed magazines.



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